Elaine sent us this map after she used it to achieve here goals. Go Elaine!   “I’m a mom whose son used your Ted talk in his English class. My son bought this book for me months ago and I… Continue Reading →

This awesome map comes to us from the Ukraine. Keep working on small steps Katja!

This is Rihab’s map, all the way from Dubai! Rihab says:   I am passionate about sketching and dubbed as Creative Mind by my teachers. I love exploring and helping others always.┬á am ambitious to become a Doctor. I love… Continue Reading →

These amazing maps come from some #CreativeGenius schoolgirls in Dubai!

This map comes to us via e-mail from #CreativeGenius Kripi! Best of luck with those goals Kripi, and remember to take one small step each week. Whether it’s a learning step, an implementation step, or a step that strengthens your… Continue Reading →

This awesome map show’s Fernando’s 2017 goals. Yay Fernando! Can’t wait to hear about those results ­čÖé “These are my 2017 goals in four categories: professional, economic, family, and health/hobbies. I am only including the professional goals here. I will… Continue Reading →

This map came to us from Anat via Facebook. Just wanted to thank you! About 8 months ago I was as you say “down in the dumps” I was in the army in a difficult and stressful job that had… Continue Reading →

Jose submitted his AWESOME map through our submission form. Yay Jose! I learned about this methodology via Youtube and I used it in my projects. I was a great experience. Congratulations

We first saw Stacy’s map on Twitter, and then realized┬áshe┬áhad written an AWESOME LinkedIn post about her experience making it. Stacy says: I have this picture on my wall. It’s not my best piece of art, but in five minutes,… Continue Reading →

This map comes to us from Heidi, who says: This is some of the things I envision for my near future along with some other things I notice around me that inspires me to keep going and not give up… Continue Reading →

Maryam is an awesome, Creative Genius school teach who lead a map-drawing exercise with her class in Dubai. This is a map created by one of her students. We love the use of color on one side, highlighting their awesome… Continue Reading →

This awesome map comes to us from Trista on Twitter.

This map comes to us from Adi and is so, so super cool! Adi says: I came to draw this map at a critical point in my life in which everything seemed possible and impossible at the same time. Drawing… Continue Reading →

A map by the one-and-only Patti Dobrowolski… “This map I made a few years ago. it shows you how fast things come to be. In this map I wanted to be speaking 50% of my time and consulting 50%. That… Continue Reading →

This is Ted’s Awesome map. He says: “Patti and I got together each new year, back in the past, to set intentions and direction. They were four feet by six feet and were pinned to the wall above my desk… Continue Reading →

This is Linda’s awesomely-detailed map. We hope your transition happens soon Linda! <3 “My map is a desire of release – in between the place I am now and transitioning to a better quality of time and life in the… Continue Reading →

Check out Cameo’s awesome map. See some goals on there that you’d like to achieve yourself? Copy them and put them on a map of your own. We all learn from one another ­čśë

This is Polly’s map, and here is her incredible story. “I made my first map with Patti a couple years back at a NHRMA conference. She was so inspiring that I brought my map home and stuck it on my… Continue Reading →

This map comes from Susan in Portland OR. Susan is a dentist expanding into Whole Health Dentistry and is passionate about spreading the word about health and the mouth-body connection. Susan says: I have my first speaking engagement in 10… Continue Reading →

This is Michelle’s map. Michelle lives in Vancouver, WA and is the founder/director of The Joy Team – a non-profit foundation whose aim is to SPREAD JOY. How awesome is that? If you are lucky, you might have seen one… Continue Reading →

This map came to us from Reinhilde in Belgium. She says: This is actually my second map, because while┬áreading your book, and having some other experiences/challenges during that time, it became more clear to me what I really want to… Continue Reading →

Check out Digant’s map from California which has really clear, actionable goals. The exercise started out really simple and straight forward.┬á I let down my guard and just went with it, not really sure what to expect at the end.┬á… Continue Reading →

Lauren drew this map with me last year. Check our her awesome artistic skills!

This awesome, colorful map comes to us from Amit R.

This map comes to us from Dublin Ireland. Anne and Brendan Kelly are a couple looking forward to their retirement, and planning on making all their dreams come true (We know you can do it!).

Jorge Salcedo’s map is coming to us from Mexico City. Check out his awesome use of color to highlight his desired state!

Mohammad Nafis Khan has sent us his map all the way from Bangladesh. Go get those goals!

Vivian sent us her awesome map all the way from Brazil. She drew her map two days BEFORE she ever heard of this process. How cool is that?

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