This map comes to us from Adi and is so, so super cool! Adi says:

I came to draw this map at a critical point in my life in which everything seemed possible and impossible at the same time. Drawing it made me recall what I keep forgetting – that my future starts in the present, and I can affect my own reality. On the left is where I am now, and on the right is the best version of me, comprised of everything I want to do and be; each detail is a metaphor for a deeper element in my life. When I look at this map, I know where I’m headed and it fills me with joy and excitement. There is uncertainty all around me, but I’m putting my trust in the future, that it will be what I want it to be; what I make of it. I don’t know where the opportunities will come from, but I’m open to them, and I summon them into my life. My first bold step is reaching out to the world, starting here & now, by sharing this map with you.