This map came to us from Anat via Facebook.

Just wanted to thank you!

About 8 months ago I was as you say “down in the dumps” I was in the army in a difficult and stressful job that had taken an emotional toll on me. Moreover I was signed for at least 2 years more and it seemed like I could see no light in the tunnel. I had, had a long time boyfriend and I can say that we were heading in the right direction but there was no proposal yet. I had dreamed about traveling and living abroad for some time but this too seemed impossible due to my commitments.

I listened (with my now fiance) to your Ted talk as he was visiting me one weekend in my posting (after not seeing for weeks). We drew pictures as you outlined.

I attached my (non artistic) picture above. I can just say that it truly was a catalyst to where I am today 🙂 I have now a week ago finished my posting in the army…. it was hard to do but I spoke to my superiors hearts so they helped me be discharged early honorably, this is very different from the strict military protocols so it was a serious and scary obstacle. I got engaged to my man in April and am just wrapping up my life and moving to London as to travel and see the world.

Thank you! I am truly all smiles and your Ted talk truly led to me envisioning and putting to intent what it is I wanted for my future and going out of my way to make it happen.