This is Polly’s map, and here is her incredible story.

“I made my first map with Patti a couple years back at a NHRMA conference. She was so inspiring that I brought my map home and stuck it on my wall where I could see it every day. Then, my husband got sick and died unexpectedly and my whole world was rocked. My map included him. So I tore it down in anger. A while later, I had the task of planning a DGA conference, so I sought out Patty and invited her to speak. I needed a new map! So, this January, one year after I lost my husband, I made my new map. My boldest move was to list my house. As I type this, I have my new home lined up, and work nights and weekends to get moved so I can list my house. My new map focuses on ME and I am already moving toward the right side!! Thank you, Patti”