This map came to us from Reinhilde in Belgium. She says:

This is actually my second map, because while reading your book, and having some other experiences/challenges during that time, it became more clear to me what I really want to do in the near future.

I know I’m an extraordinary creative coach/facilitator so finally  I want to bring it into practice. I want to start as a good entrepreneur and in addition to this I hope to become a great visual harvester/recorder too!

[The Map] makes it a lot more concrete. It pushes me even more to take action! Really!

Reinhilde also sent us this awesome map, for which she was challenged to create a visual report / summary during the three keynotes at #Edushock Learning Festival (live). Nice one!


Update from Reinhilde

I’ve promised you that my ‘creative journey’ would be continued. 😉

A few months ago I had again the opportunity to draw (live). This time on a congres of Cego Leuven/ Belgium – #Education

During the keynote of Ludo Heylen and for an audience of +/- 700 people, I made a drawing from his story. This was streamed live at the same time. Afterwards they asked me for a second drawing, this time  of a story told by Dr. professor Ferre Laevers.                      

So that’s what I did.

I loved it! It was fun!

I’m already looking forward to following opportunities!